Firefly Runner Update Available Now – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Kindle


Firefly Runner Update Out Now! 
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 & Kindle! 


A new update is available for Firefly Runner! 

THEME SWAPPING HAS ARRIVED! Do you fancy a change of scenery? Now you can swap between the classic theme and the Halloween theme, classic Switch or Skeleton Switch…you decide!

NEW MYSTERY BOX PRIZES! Including unlimited cherries and double light orbs…how mysterious!

CHRISTMAS SURPRISE! Keep playing over Christmas to join Santa Switch as he takes flight collecting presents across the snowy Firefly Island.

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Help Switch the courageous firefly run, fly, shoot and rescue his captured firefly friends.

Watch the trailer by clicking on the link below.

Red Kite Games are proudly supporting GamesAid and SpecialEffect with Firefly Runner and will be donating 15% of the revenue generated by the game to be equally split between both video games charities.

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