Ripstone_LogoClient(s): Ripstone & Golden Ruby Games
Released: September 2015
Platform(s): PC, Mac, PS4, PS3, Xbox One & Wii U

What we did…

    • Production
    • Art
    • Code
    • Design
    • Development Testing

Work Completed

Red Kite Games provided complete development support on Extreme Exorcism, including production, art, code, design and development testing.

Tasked with helping to develop Extreme Exorcism for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the Red Kite art team successfully supplied a project-wide visual enhancement pass on the title. This involved improving all background and foreground assets present within Extreme Exorcism, whilst also revamping the use of lighting and particle effects within the game.

In conjunction with this the Red Kite art team were also asked to help enhance the atmosphere throughout the game. This was accomplished via the implementation of ambient weather conditions and animated set-pieces. A final area of visual polish applied by the Red Kite art team was completed via a visibility and usability pass on the UI.

The majority of work completed by the Red Kite programming team was to aid in the implementation of the visual enhancement pass. Red Kite Games also helped provide design and production support on this title.

Client Testimonial(s)

Golden Ruby Games

Phil Gaskell – Ripstone – Director

“Working with Simon and his team at Red Kite was a real pleasure. As soon as they started on the project they made a difference. The work was completed on time, to the agreed budget, and was managed professionally throughout. Everything you want and expect from an outsource partner.”

Mike Christatos – Golden Ruby Games – President

“Red Kite Games was a pleasure to work with. They were brought on to provide an additional art pass on our title Extreme Exorcism and not only did they work in a proficient and professional manner, they helped to add to the level of polish within our game without losing the original charm. They helped us create a fantastic product and we are forever grateful. If I had a chance to work with them again in the future, I would do it in a heartbeat.”


Extreme Exorcism is an paranormal platformer where all of your actions will come back to haunt you…

Take on the role of extreme exorcist Mae Barrons, whose unconventional supernatural skills are called upon when everything and everyone else has failed to rid a haunted house of its ghostly presence.

Mae’s approach is a little extreme, but a cross, holy water and a Bible just won’t cut it with these ghosts. She’s armed with swords, guns, grenades, mines, rocket launchers, razor-sharp boomerangs, lightning spells, Kung-Fu moves and much more.

Each time a ghost is eliminated another will appear to mimic your every move – so tread carefully, or prepare to reap what you sow. The longer you survive, the more extreme the game becomes.


    • Story mode covers the ten areas of the haunted mansion culminating in a boss fight.
    • Comprehensive local multiplayer: non-stop ghost annihilation for up to 4 players.
    • Story mode playable both co-operatively and solo.
    • Customizable death match mode – change the weapon set, how ghosts spawn and the abilities they possess.
    • Online leaderboards allow you to compare your scores with the wider world.
    • Challenge mode: specific rule setups that encourage extreme play.


Coming soon.