Red Kite GamesGame Status: In Development
Platform: PC



In a world decimated by natural disasters and global conflict, the old order of governments have collapsed and now just a clutch of Mega-Corps hold the strings of power, each one vying to bring their influence to bear in one continent or another.

Hollowpointsthe mercenaries of the 23rd Century – are paid to wage the wars between the Mega-Corps with a mixture of stealth and sheer brute force. These skilled men and women are lethal operatives, taking the cash by completing high risk mission contracts issued by the highest bidder.

You control a deadly organisation of Hollowpoints with the ultimate ambition of becoming the most renowned mercenary team across the globe. It’s a dynamic world which can see you bolstering a CEO’s power base in one mission before taking them out via a rival’s contract in the next.


    • Hollowpoint is a 2.5D Co-op PVE action shooter featuring both single player and multiplayer modes.
    • Undertake an exhaustive range of procedural missions across a wide range of themed destructible environments.
    • Build up your Hollowpoint organisation by recruiting a wide range of skilled mercenaries to your team; levelling up their skills and abilities with each successful contract.
    • Arm your team with a deadly array of futuristic weaponry and equipment.
    • Gain access to higher level missions with more lucrative rewards and more dangerous enemies as your team gains respect amongst the Mega-Corps.
    • Shape the world around you and influence the rise and fall of the Mega-Corps based on your actions and mission choices.

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