Q-GamesClient(s): Q-Games & Double Eleven
Released: May 2015
Platform(s): PC, PS4 & PS Vita

What we did…

    • Production
    • Code
    • Development Testing

Work Completed

Red Kite Games provided development support on Nom Nom Galaxy, including code, production and development testing.

Tasked with helping to develop Nom Nom Galaxy for PC, PS4 and PS Vita, the programming team were instrumental in the development of key systems behind the structure and completion of both the in-game tutorials and the game’s final combat system.

This resulted in the team handling much of the enemy AI within the game, integrating behaviours such as defence, aggression, patrolling and swarming, along with specialised behaviours for both boss and Queen AI.

In conjunction with this we also led the implementation of the single player and multiplayer challenges within the game. This included the development of the challenge HUD, as well as ensuring that the challenges provide suitable gameplay variation to the player on both a local and global scale.

Red Kite Games also helped provide production support on this title.

Client Testimonial(s)

Double Eleven

Lee Hutchinson – Double Eleven – CEO

“Double Eleven hired Red Kite Games to assist with our Sony Exclusive title Nom Nom Galaxy for PS4. During the 6+ months that we worked with Red Kite they were nothing but proficient, diligent, hard working and utterly professional. Simon is a pleasure to work with and we will definitely work with Red Kite Games again in the future. Thoroughly recommended.”



Welcome to Soup Co., Astroworker! After crash-landing on an alien planet, explore the surrounding environment, create huge factories and make hundreds of types of soup to feed the galaxy! Explore a whole host of planets, each one with its own challenges. Ship delicious batches of soup into space to earn gold for weapons, vehicles and more!

Nom Nom Galaxy blends tower defense, sandbox exploration, co-op platforming, resource management and construction into a unique interstellar experience!


    • Unlock new robots to automate factories.
    • Build towers and missile turrets to defend your base from enemies.
    • Galactic Challenges – race, defend, swim, collect and fight to earn rewards.
    • Harvest plant life indigenous plant life or enemies for ingredients.
    • 2 player split screen/4 player online co-op multiplayer the galaxy with your friends!


Coming soon.