You42Client(s): You42 & Kiz Studios
Released: February 2016
Platform(s): PS4


What we did…

Kiz Studios

    • Production
    • Art
    • Code
    • Design
    • Analytics
    • Monetisation
    • Development Testing

Work Completed

Red Kite Games provides live development support and game updates on Trans-Galactic Tournament, a Free-To-Play MOBA on PS4. This includes code, design, production and development testing. Red Kite worked with the original development team to launch the game in SCEA territories and managed the entire submission process and launch across SCEE regions. The team manage all server-side and database modifications for the game, including the creation and publishing of patch updates for all versions.

Fully responsible for the live game, Red Kite maintain the online environment, implementing new content and features whilst also enhancing the game based on community feedback. The team have added brand new champions and game modes, along with in-game promotional offers, content sales and advertising. This also included improved matchmaking systems, enhanced AI behaviours, DeltaDNA integration, memory optimisations and frame rate improvements.

In addition to this Red Kite Games continues to work closely with the publisher, successfully helping to improve the monetisation strategy within the game. To date, the Red Kite team has handled the design and implementation of several new features which has ultimately resulted in better player retention and a balanced in-game economy.

Client Testimonial(s)

Craig Albeck – You42 – Director of Publishing

“We contracted with Red Kite Games to take over development of our PlayStation 4 brawler, Trans-Galactic Tournament. The transition process was seamless and the team hit the ground running which was a result of their expertise, attention to detail and professionalism. Their communication is always thorough and to the point with their responses timely. Red Kite Games continue to have a genuine desire to do the best they can for us and feed into all aspects of the game, from design through to QA with the same amount of passion. Simon leads his team to an extremely high standard and we would happily recommend Red Kite Games as a reliable development partner.”


Trans-Galactic Tournament is a hilarious action-packed multiplayer battler, designed and optimized for PlayStation 4 and completely free-to-play.

Choose your Champions and prepare for wild interstellar combat that’s easy to learn yet challenging to master.

They come from distant planets in strange, far-off galaxies. Their ranks include Brutus, a boneheaded gladiator who lives for the thrill of battle. Oddilus, an amphibian freedom fighter with two bulging eyes set on revolution. Nexi, a vampire crime boss looking to grow her Criminal Syndicate, and Platimus, the sociopathic unicorn/platipus who’s out to bring that bloodsucker to justice. They’re the weirdest, wildest, most deranged creatures in the universe, but inside the arena they are Champions. This is the Trans-Galactic Tournament, the ONLY name in wild interstellar combat. Let the clobberin’ begin!

TGT is the fastest, most action-packed MOBA in the galaxy, offering quick, intense battles in three game modes. On top of that, TGT breaks new ground in the MOBA genre by offering an entirely new way to level up and customize your favorite Champions. The game features over 100 unique Champion-changing Power Ups. In addition, players can equip 30+ different weapons to upgrade their Champion and completely evolve how that Champion brings value to their team.


    • Compete with or against your friends in intense 4v4 online matches.
    • Enjoy 3 incredibly fun and unique multiplayer modes spanning the entire galaxy, in stunningly lethal locations.
    • Collect and customize outrageous champions, each with powerfully unique abilities, weapons and styles of play.

The best multiplayer battler experience for PlayStation 4 is here – get ready to lock and load!


Coming soon.