Prospect GamesClient: Prospect Games
Released: September 2016
Platform(s): PC


What we did…

    • Project Setup & Automated Build Pipelines
    • Code

Work Completed

Initially tasked with helping to setup the project, Red Kite Games leveraged their extensive industry experience to ensure that Unbox’s development environment was correctly integrated and fit for purpose.

Upon starting development it soon became apparent that the game was going to require a substantial amount of optimisation in order to run at framerate, ultimately resulting in the Red Kite programming team taking the game up to a constant 30 FPS. This involved considerable performance improvements to both the CPU/GPU footprint, whilst also optimising and converting large chunks of Unreal Blueprints into highly efficient C++ code.

In addition to this Red Kite Games also handled Unbox’s TRC and TCR requirements. This included a small amount of Steam integration as well as platform specific trophies, achievements and their respective save game systems.


Unbox is 3D platformer where the player is a cardboard box who must bounce and roll, through mountains and islands alike, to deliver themselves for the greater good of the Global Postal Service, or GPS. This can include racing against a clock, solving puzzles, and a lot of fun with physics, which often involves causing mayhem by knocking things over or blowing them up. The game also has a strong local multiplayer element, for full split-screen enjoyment, including a variety of different challenges.

To save themselves from bankruptcy, the GPS have somehow created living boxes that can deliver themselves to customers all over the world, to save on human staff. In Unbox, you will play as their latest creation, Newbie, and it is your job to complete the test islands, proving your worth as a sentient, self-delivering package.


    • Retro without the rose-tinted glasses – The game stands as a love letter to 90’s platformers, whilst using the power of UE4 to create the best possible challenges.
    • New mechanics – The boxes have a unique power; they can “Unbox” to jump in mid-air, each time shedding a cardboard layer and shrinking in size. No platform is out of reach!
    • Unique story – The tale of a struggling postal service testing its sentient boxes’ delivering power, whilst also trying to defeat the devious Boss Wild and the Wild Cards, has a cute and individual cast of characters for players to meet.
    • Local multiplayer – The game’s retro-inspired local multiplayer means that it provides split screen enjoyment and evokes a true retro feel.
    • Customisation – Dress to impress with a variety of boxes, hats, clothing and accessories, with anything from sunglasses to a fez hat.

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