Specialising in complete multi-platform video games development, Red Kite Games are here to help…

Whether you need a hand in taking a video game idea from concept to consumer or need support in regards to a new or existing IP, the Red Kite team is fully equipped to provide the experience and expertise that you require.

Red Kite Games are licensed to develop on all of the following major platforms:


What we can do for you…

Perhaps you have a video game idea that you would like to discuss or an IP that requires further investigation?

Does your company require the development of a video game to help promote a brand or franchise?

Are you a video games publisher in search of fresh and exciting IP? 

Maybe you are looking for tailored video games to help bolster your upcoming slate?

Do you require new and innovative IP to help push your hardware? 

Would your existing IP benefit from a revamp?

Here at Red Kite Games we aim to provide a complete solution in regards to video games development and IP creation. Specialities include:

    • Complete multi-platform video games development.
    • Video games co-development and development support.
    • IP consultation, design and creation.
    • Ports, enhanced ports and remasters (4K/UHD).
    • Custom engine development.
    • Unity development and UE4 development.
    • Google, Linux and Vulkan development.
    • Cross engine and cross platform tools development.
    • Open world games.
    • Optimisation, engine programming and graphics programming.
    • Project setup, automated build pipelines and auto-test systems.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you feel we can help.


Red Kite Games has been developing award-winning video games for a variety of different platform-holders, studios and publishers including:

    • Activision
    • Sony
    • Microsoft
    • Sumo Digital
    • Codemasters
    • Double Eleven
    • Ripstone
    • You42
    • Darewise Entertainment
    • Kellogg’s
    • The Blast Furnace

Client Testimonials

Gordon Hall – Activision – Chief Creative Officer

“Having worked closely with the managing director of Red Kite Games in the past I did not hesitate in contracting them to provide development support for Activision. At the time we were working on Call of Duty: Strike Team and required a team that could integrate seamlessly into all areas of development. One of the aims with Call of Duty: Strike Team was to create a true AAA mobile title and Red Kite Games helped fluently across all departments. Working to tight deadlines this did not faze the team, allowing them to provide a valued contribution to the design, code and art in the game. An area of note was the team’s reaction when asked to implement the tutorial into the game. This required an intrinsic understanding of what is necessary in the development of a mobile game in today’s market and it was clear that Red Kite Games were up to the task. With an appreciation for user acquisition, user retention and analytics, Red Kite Games perfectly executed what was required. Upon the completion of Call of Duty: Strike Team, Red Kite Games were then contracted to lead the development of a second title, Pitfall! Krave. Having dealt with a variety of different contract companies, I am happy to say that Red Kite Games comes highly recommended.”

Mark Vela – Activision – Director, Mobile Planning & Operations

“Simon and the team at Red Kite showed the highest level of technical aptitude and delivered exactly what we needed for our project. They went above and beyond to integrate new features and solve any issues they encountered along the way. I highly recommend Red Kite to any company that is looking to work with a 3rd party developer and wants to maximize the results of their investment.”

Paul Porter – Sumo Digital – COO & Co-Founder

“When we were looking for some additional programmers to manage a peak in our workload, we evaluated a few developers. Red Kite had a proven track record and the technical smarts to get stuck in quickly. I have no reservations in recommending Red Kite to others.”

Double ElevenLee Hutchinson – Double Eleven – CEO

“Double Eleven hired Red Kite Games to assist with our Sony Exclusive title Nom Nom Galaxy for PS4. During the 6+ months that we worked with Red Kite they were nothing but proficient, diligent, hard working and utterly professional. Simon is a pleasure to work with and we will definitely work with Red Kite Games again in the future. Thoroughly recommended.”

Wayne Smithson – Double Eleven – Development Manager

“Having worked with Simon and his team before, they were our first choice again when we needed some additional resource on one of our games. As usual they were professional, accommodating and worked to our schedules and milestones well. I’m absolutely sure we will work with them again in the future, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

Phil Gaskell – Ripstone – Director

“Working with Simon and his team at Red Kite was a real pleasure. As soon as they started on the project they made a difference. The work was completed on time, to the agreed budget, and was managed professionally throughout. Everything you want and expect from an outsource partner.”

Mike Christatos – Golden Ruby Games – President

“Red Kite Games was a pleasure to work with. They were brought on to provide an additional art pass on our title Extreme Exorcism and not only did they work in a proficient and professional manner, they helped to add to the level of polish within our game without losing the original charm. They helped us create a fantastic product and we are forever grateful. If I had a chance to work with them again in the future, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Darewise EntertainmentBenjamin Charbit – Darewise Entertainment – Founder & CEO

“After a difficult first experience with other external developers, Red Kite’s professionalism and diligent work helped to restore Darewise’s faith in securing strong, first class support partners. By working with studios like Red Kite we can dare to develop AAA games without the need to build an internal team of 100+ developers.”

You42Craig Albeck – You42 – Director of Publishing

“We contracted with Red Kite Games to take over development of our PlayStation 4 brawler, Trans-Galactic Tournament. The transition process was seamless and the team hit the ground running which was a result of their expertise, attention to detail and professionalism. Their communication is always thorough and to the point with their responses timely. Red Kite Games continue to have a genuine desire to do the best they can for us and feed into all aspects of the game, from design through to QA with the same amount of passion. Simon leads his team to an extremely high standard and we would happily recommend Red Kite Games as a reliable development partner.”

Mark Washbrook – The Blast Furnace – Studio Head

“Over the last 12 months, Red Kite Games have been contracted by The Blast Furnace on two separate titles:

Call of Duty: Strike Team – Providing development support for the title Red Kite were able to rapidly pick up our toolset and integrate closely with the development team, delivering high quality content for this critically acclaimed title.

Pitfall! Krave – Taking on a large part of the development of this unique title Red Kite worked autonomously delivering consistent quality to the tight deadlines required for Kelloggs’ competition and media campaign.

During our time working with Red Kite we have been impressed with their professionalism, work ethic and attention to detail in all aspects of the work they carry out. The combination of working relationship and quality of their work is such that we hope to have the opportunity to work with the team again in the future.”

Mark Lloyd – The Blast Furnace – Chief Operations Officer

“In regards to contract work, Red Kite Games have always been a pleasure to work with and upon visiting the studio I was highly impressed with their setup. Having a clear appreciation for security and a professional infrastructure it made contract negotiations simple and straightforward. With the team working across sensitive titles such as Call of Duty this was extremely important. Red Kite Games have an excellent understanding of what is required when it comes to working with experienced studios and large publishers.”

Damian De Luca – University of Huddersfield – Subject Leader Digital Media

“The University of Huddersfield Games degree courses have collaborated with Simon Iwaniszak, the managing director of Red Kite games for the last three years. Simon and his team have provided consultation and support across multiple departments, disciplines and subjects. Simon has brought his extensive industry experience to the games courses here and has had an invaluable impact on the curriculum. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Red Kite Games and the University looks forward to continuing the relationship and growing this collaboration further.”